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The Visual Artists Online Library

ART.PRO.FILE is a vanguard-style platform that promotes a holistic vision of art. It is an online library that compiles, in an organized and practical fashion, catalogs, portfolios and books that record the work of visual artists worldwide. Above all, we support artists whose voices need to be heard beyond institutional opinions or criteria. One of the main objectives of ART.PRO.FILE is to become a point of reference and resource for future generations, capturing a more GLOCAL view of the visual arts.

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What does this community offer you?

This community is aimed at visual artists, art students, self-taught artists, historians, investigators, teachers, critics, theorists, philosophers, curators, art galleries, art collectors, enthusiasts, art lovers, and others.


We share the most relevant information about visual art internationally.

Our site is easily searched on the basis of users’ interests and in relation to specific art forms.

We offer an unbiased vision of art, beyond institutional criteria or market interests.

Create your own online library from your user account. It is completely private and no one can access your content.

You can access this content online as an e-book or you can purchase a physical copy using various print options.

We ship to more than 100 countries, and we offer the best printing quality.


We design your catalog, free of charge, and include the ISBN, so that your book is registered internationally.

You will receive 20% of the sale of your book, in any of its formats.

We have an extensive database oriented exclusively to the world of the arts which organically generates traffic.


We offer very reasonable payment plans and discounts.

Our profits are aimed at producing and promoting the career of visual artists, as well as the research and development of theoretical, critical and research projects around the visual arts at an international level.

Free membership is offered to those of limited income who need access to the material.

Who can apply?


Individuals of any nationality and of all ages are welcome to participate!

ART.PRO.FILE is an exclusive platform; its content is provided by independent artists and projects that receive a direct invitation (free of charge) from ArtProFile.

Have you been invited?

However, ART.PRO.FILE also maintains an open line to receive and produce proposals from artists, critics, curators, researchers or others that we may not know of yet. To submit your proposal, you must pay a fee that varies according to the type of application, you should know that this fee does not guarantee your participation and is not refundable.

Open call for artists only

We are developing a collection of catalogs including the best artists from each country. If you think you can be one of those artists and can form part of this historical compilation.

The application has a fee of $15 USD

We request your full name, age, country of origin, website or portfolio in PDF format, resume in PDF and your email. You should know that this fee does not guarantee your participation and is not refundable.

Special offer for a limited time

One time only! During the months of April, May, June, July and August we will be promoting a special 50% discount offer on our premium plan. This subscription does not expire, it will be valid throughout your membership with ARTPROFILE and you can cancel it at any time you see fit.

You should know that ART.PRO.FILE will open on September 15, 2022 with portfolios from 120 visual artist and two collective catalogs. Our goal is to produce and share with you about 200 books a year. We are going to develop art encyclopedias, courses, theoretical texts and other content related to the visual arts, available in English and Spanish.

You can apply for this special offer today and grow with us, or you can wait and pay double or triple, in just a few months. If you think this is content that might interest you, join now and pay $25 per year for life.